Good Day Authors and Publishers!

If you’re an author or a publisher and interested in having your books reviewed by me, kindly send me an email regarding the books along with the following listed below. And kindly take time to read my policy regarding book reviews.

I am accepting Advance Reading Copies (they are highly prioritized), Review Copies, Digital Copies (EPUB, PDF, MOBI format), or any physical copies (paperback or hardbound).

When sending the books kindly include the following:

  • Summary/Blurb
  • Release Date
  • Publication date
  • Publisher Information
  • Cover Image
  • Any links to the book’s information (Goodreads, Amazon)

*if the copy will be purchased on smashwords, kindly include the link and the voucher in your email, I will be happy to purchase it on my own.

*if the book happens to be a second installment in a series, I will be happy to have the first book and review for it also. And if it’s alright, kindly provide me information about the upcoming release of the next installments.

*ARC will be prioritized; I will try to write and publish the review on or before the release date.

*I accept requests from self-published authors but not for non-fiction novels.


To be honest, I am all open to reading any kind of Genres, but I am specifically a lover of any Young Adult Novels, Poetry and Historical Fiction.

By receiving the book, I couldn’t guarantee you that it will be read immediately. I always set a time frame for it to be reviewed. Give me 2-3 weeks to read and be able to write my reviews for it. I like my reviews to be long-winding but profound. I always make sure that it tackles everything that must be told or pointed-out without spoiling anything from the book. When reviews were finally done, it will be published here on my blog, on Goodreads and Amazon.

I always try to be as creative and honest as I can when writing my reviews, writing is my passion that’s why there is no way that I won’t be able to express my exact criticism of the books.  Also, I want you to know that my reviews will not only contain radiant and praising words just because you provided me a copy. Again I will be candid with expressing my thoughts and I will provide the other readers my honest opinion about the book, but remember that I wouldn’t accept your book in the first place if I know I won’t love its story.



I am just another busy college student who is taking a heavy study about Diplomacy so please understand if it takes time before I can respond to your request. And also, kindly understand that sometimes I have to decline some of the request due to my busy schedule, but I always try my best to get back to your request when I have free time; also, I have to give time for myself to read the books on my TBR shelf.  Lastly, I am no way getting paid for writing reviews, I am just totally smitten with books and I think I always fall in love writing reviews about them. So I hope that my reading and writing could not only help the authors market their books but also those other readers like me who enjoy doing the same thing.

Every book will be sent to or through the submission form below.



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