TOP TEN TUESDAY: Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This feature sets a different topic every week, and it’s cool so get yourself in 🙂

This week’s Topic: Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors


1.  Milan Kundera – When I first read Testaments Betrayed, I knew then Milan epitomizes the novel. He considers European to be the children of a novel but a friend of mine couldn’t acquiesced to it, because he leaves this accolade to poetry. Reading fiction from a perennial candidate of Nobel Prize like Mr. Kundera seems foreign to me at first touch because he has this unfamiliar technique of bending the readers’ perception towards reality and reverie. Sometimes authors would only stick to what’s real or fantastic in their narratives.

2. Gayle Forman – What I like in Forman’s fiction is her familiar recipe of family, friendship and self-discovery. She also doesn’t have to try hard to be descriptive to exude the romance in her novels, and that’s what excepts her from any other YA authors.

3. John Green – I’ve already noticed how magnificent Green at writing gripping stories when I first read Looking for Alaska then subsequently, The Fault In Our Stars.  I think John Green is considerably a genius for his smooth way of fashioning these two narratives from a light beginning  into a gripping ending—that’s what I’ve grown familiar with Green’s fiction. Although I’m not really a fan of this technique because my favourite of his works is An Abundance of Katherines, which is entertaining all throughout!

To be continued… (I’m taking this one seriously)

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